Welcome to our branding page! We have placed our branding assets here for use in digital and print publication and promotional and social media posts. We want to make it easy for you to integrate our branding for your project while respecting our brand and legal restrictions.

Please note: by using our resources, you accept our Terms of Service and usage of these resources may also be covered by our Privacy Policy. Use of our branding must fall within our branding guidelines. This means, our logo, sub mark, typography, colors, patterns, etc., should be maintained to ensure brand identity. Use of our branding does not constitute ownership by user; Ceremony retains the rights to all of our intellectual property. Using our branding for monetary gain is prohibited without prior written approval. Whenever in doubt, please seek approval.

Our Logo

We are very proud of our logo, and we require that you follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks its best. Our logo is the combination of a simple and modern wordmark and icon.

Do’s: choose from our colors, resize, place on white background.

Don’t: deviate from typeface, deviate from brand colors, alter logo.

Our Submark

You can use our sub marks where you think our logo is too wide. Use of our sub mark should always be secondary; please use our main logo whenever possible.

Do’s: choose from our colors, resize, place on white background.

Don’t: deviate from typeface, deviate from brand colors, alter logo.

Our Typography

We utilize two font families for our brand: Montserrat and Kenyan Coffee. You may download each from the link below. Our branding uses Kenyan Coffee sparingly, mostly for our main logo. Montserrat should be used for reading text. We discourage the use of Kenyan Coffee for words or phrases beyond 8 characters.

Do’s: choose from our fonts, default to Montserrat.

Don’t: deviate from fonts, deviate from brand colors with the exception of black and white, rely on Kenyan Coffee heavily.

Our Colors

We have done a lot of research to give meaningful beauty to our brand and have chosen the colors below. While using our assets, keep in mind to use only colors from below with the exception of black [#000000] and white [#ffffff] where needed.

Our Pattern

We created a pattern for our brand, a transparent pattern is attached.

Do’s: use pattern against white background, resize pattern, incorporate other branding elements.

Don’t: alter pattern, use non-brand elements.

Branding Do’s

  • Logo should be prominent wherever used.
  • For news, blogs, stories, etc., logo must be used. Within news, blogs, stories, etc., sub mark can be used.
  • When using color digitally or for print, please use CMYK color code.

Branding Don’ts

  • Don’t combine our branding with other branding that suggests collaboration or partnership without prior written approval.
  • Don’t deviate from our branding guideline.
  • Don’t use our branding on merchandise without prior written approval.
  • Don’t use our brand for commercial gain without prior written approval.

Thank you so much for including Ceremony in your work! If you are having trouble with this guide, are missing brand elements, are unsure if your communication best represents Ceremony, or are seeking use permission, please contact us at