De Soi Champignon Dreams 750mL

Listing is for a 75oml bottle.

Notes: Introducing Champignon Dreams—an inviting and harmonious non-alcoholic apéritif crafted with a blissful combination of reishi mushroom and passion flower, designed to gently guide you into the evening. This delightful libation unfolds with flavors reminiscent of succulent summer strawberries, tangy grapefruit, and subtle earthy undertones—a perfect recipe for a delightful moment encapsulated in a glass.

For instant enjoyment, simply refrigerate a can, pour it into an elegant glass, and savor. Elevate the experience by adding ice and garnishing with a twist of grapefruit peel and a fresh slice of strawberry.

Discover the inviting allure of Champignon Dreams, offering a refreshing escape and a tasteful journey with every sip, all without the presence of alcohol.

ABV: 0.0

Ingredients: Water, Apricot-Strawberry-Black Currant and Grapefruit Juice blend from concentrate, Birch Syrup, Jasmine Tea Extract, Sherry Vinegar, Gentian Root Extract, Burdock Root Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Green Tea Extract, Reishi Mushroom Beta Glucan Powder, Juniper Berry Extract, Tulsi Extract, Grapefruit Extract

Post Consumption: Please reuse or recycle bottle when finished.


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