Own a Bar?

Adding na craft drinks to your drink program is a win-win. Here’s how offering na options or a full na program can improve drink sales.

Inclusivity. Much like special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc., guests who’s feel that their lifestyle don’t align with a restaurants menu options avoid the venue all together. Offering na options helps to invite guests that otherwise wouldn’t visit.

Non-drinkers. Non drinkers typically settle for water (free) or tea, soda, or lemonade ($1-3) but having a a drink program can convert these soft drink orders to $9+ increasing your average ticket from these guests.

Low ABV. A growing number of guests are looking to have a drink with a lower ABV for safety or personal reasons. Having na spirits at your establishment allows you the option split the recipe. For example, a drink calling for 2 ounces of spirit can be halved to 1 oz of spirit and 1 oz of something spiritless. This lowers the drink ABV which helps guests to better measure their intoxication level without having to switch completely to a less expensive soft drink.

Constraints. Guests that need to return to work, who stop in for lunch or dinner but have the rest of their day/evening planned, and guests that come in for work related get-togethers may not be comfortable with drinking. Same for the elderly, parents with small children, guests who are pregnant or nursing, or those on temporary medication.
Intermittent drinkers. A growing number of people are lowering their alcohol intake by restricting drinking to certain days or special events. More and more people are exploring what wellness means to them and are independently
restricting their drinking and are participating in larger events like Sober October, Dry January. Often, people just want take a break from booze.

Health consciousness. Outside of the impact that alcohol has on the body, more and more people are being mindful of the ingredients and nutritional value of what they consume. Many of our options are vegan, gluten free, no sugar
added, low in calorie, etc. This rapidly growing demographic is interested in options that are better than high fructose corn syrup or other heavily sweetened drinks.