All the Bitter New Orleans Bitters

Notes: Capturing the essence of 19th-century apothecary Antoine Peychaud, All The Bitter New Orleans bitters pay homage to the vibrant spirit of NOLA and the rich tapestry of American cocktail culture. Infused with the lively essence of anise, tart cherry, hibiscus, and rosehips, these bitters are a zestful addition to any beverage. Embrace the spirited flavor profile perfect for a Sazerac cocktail, while also elevating the taste of seltzer, tonic, beer, or even non-alcoholic red wine with just a few droplets.

Beyond their enticing taste, New Orleans bitters feature a blend of organic, functional botanicals including milk thistle seed, dandelion root, and Schisandra berry. These natural ingredients may offer potential support for digestion, liver health, and aiding detoxification.

Transport yourself to the heart of New Orleans’ lively cocktail scene with every sip. Whether crafting classic cocktails or enhancing non-alcoholic options, these New Orleans bitters promise an explosion of flavors coupled with potential wellness benefits.

Ingredients: Non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water, apple cider vinegar*, spices*, cherry*, hibiscus flower*, rosehips*, gentian root*, milk thistle seed*, dandelion root*, burdock root*, ginger root*, schisandra berry*, yellow dock root*
*Botanicals all grown organically or wild foraged. No added colors, preservatives, flavors, or sugar.

Origin: Chico, California

ABV: 0.0%

Post consumption: Repurpose the bottle or recycle glass when finished.


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