AVEC Grapefruit & Pomelo

Notes: While the Paloma remains a classic, its high sugar content begs for a modern twist. Enter a rejuvenated rendition—melding two grapefruit varieties, ruby and pomelo, harmonized with subtle hints of black pepper and vanilla. This revitalized vintage concoction breathes new life into the palate. With just 15 calories and 4g of sugar, it’s a refreshing choice.

MIX SUGGESTIONS: Pairs exquisitely with non-alcoholic Tequila, Vodka, or Gin for a contemporary take

ABV: 0.0%

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Organic Grapefruit Juice, Pomelo Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Alderwood Smoked Salt

Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Post Consumption: Please recycle can when finished.


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