Curious Elixir No. 5

Description: Dark cherry’s richness gives way to smoke and American oak, then finally dark chocolate and a gentle burn linger like our favorite stirred whiskey drinks. With no refined sugar and zero alcohol, Curious Elixir No. 5 is a bold booze-free craft cocktail that leaves you yearning for another sip in front of the fire, and wondering, “Why didn’t I order more of these?” Enjoy stirred on the rocks, garnished with orange peel, cherry, or rosemary.

Ingredients: Carbonated filtered water, dark cherry, elderberry, organic orange and organic lemon juice concentrates, cacao extract, ginger extract, chicory extract, American oak extract, gentian extract, unrefined coconut sugar, shatavari root, cayenne, organic smoke flavors, sea salt.

ABV: 0%

When Finished: Recycle when finished


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