Droplet Pretty Happy – Passion Fruit, Cacao, & Rhodiola

Notes: Discover what makes you feel good with Droplet Pretty Happy. This unique blend features Rhodiola—an exceptional adaptogen renowned for enhancing focus and sustaining energy levels without the jittery effects of caffeine.

This concoction includes the goodness of Cacao, known for its mood-lifting properties, skin-enriching flavonoids, and brain-boosting qualities. Additionally, added is a splash of Passion Fruit, a traditional remedy in numerous cultures for reducing anxiety, and recent studies suggest its benefits in improving skin hydration. To complement these elements, it’s infused a touch of vanilla, renowned for its comforting essence.

Experience the positive vibes of this blend, crafted to boost focus, sustain energy naturally, uplift mood, promote skin health, and offer a comforting sensation—all without the side effects of caffeine. Find your dose of goodness in every sip!

ABV: 0.0%

Ingredients: Carbonated water, passion fruit purée, organic coconut nectar, vanilla bean paste, organic rhodiola rosea liquid extract (3:1), organic cocoa absolute, Himalayan pink sea salt

Origin: Los Angeles, CA

Post Consumption: Please recycle can when finished.


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