GinISH & Tonic Canned Cocktail

Notes: ISH G&T sources botanicals such as sun-dried juniper berries from Southern Europe and coriander seeds mainly from Provence, France. They come together with a fresh citrus symphony consisting of lemon, lime, mandarin and bitter orange. GinISH & Tonic goes through a unique distilling process, using the shells from chili seeds to provide the familiar heat that you taste in cocktails.

ISH G&T can be enjoyed straight from the chilled can or dressed up in a glass with fresh rosemary, cracked black pepper and dried juniper berries.

ABV: <0.5%

Ingredients: Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, natural flavouring (includes lemon, orange, juniper, coriander seeds and capsicum extract), stabiliser: glycerol, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, flavouring: quinine.

Post Consumption: Recycle the can when finished


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