Gnista Floral Wormwood Spirit

Notes: Floral Wormwood, Gnista’s first expression, is full of green herbs, citrus, floral notes and spice. Strong and complex like an amaro… this full-bodied non-alcoholic spirit allows you to sip and savor, contemplating all of the delicious flavors. It’s a complex non-alcoholic spirit loaded with interesting ingredients like wormwood, lovage, oak, rose, almond, orange, juniper, star anise, rhubarb and habanero. Tasting

Ingredients: Water, rhubarb, beet syrup, rose water, dried spices & fruit (raising, ginger, oak, wormwood, chamomile, pepper, lovage), extracts made from vodka (almond, orange, oregano, juniper, star anise, habanero), sea salt, preserved by potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, distillates from botanicals (orange peel, star anise, juniper).

Origin: Sweden

ABV: 0.4%

Post consumption: Repurpose or recycle bottle when finished.


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