Goodvines Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

Notes: GOODVINES Sauvignon Blanc non-alcoholic is a fresh, zesty wine alternative with varietal notes such as green peppers and mown grass.

Its mildly fruity yet present acidity make it an excellent summer wine. Its soft texture paired with a lightly moussing finish invites enjoyment. Pale yellow in the glass, it is ideal for those looking for the pleasure of a zesty and harmonious white wine.

Also splashed, with frozen fruits as summer punch or in many other recipes, GOODVINES Sauvignon Blanc non-alcoholic is an uncomplicated and stylish pleasure for the summer.

GOODVINES is convinced not to add artificial flavors and artificial sugar – for a natural and pure taste experience.

Like all non-alcoholic wines, this one should be allowed to unfold for five minutes before the first consumption and drunk chilled.


Origin: Heidelberg, Germany


Post Consumption: Reuse or recycle the glass bottle when finished.