ISH Caribbean Spiced Spirit

Notes: Crafted from a de-alcoholized full-strength Rum sourced from the vibrant islands of Jamaica and Martinique, this spirit embodies the familiar essence of Rum—unveiling indulgent notes of caramel, vanilla, and nutmeg, reminiscent of classic Rum profiles.

The innovative ‘Supercritical CO2 Extraction’ process gently removes alcohol from the full-strength Rum, preserving its authentic Caribbean essence at a low temperature. This base is then elevated with meticulously selected ingredients: vanilla sourced from Madagascar’s Sava region, Indonesian nutmeg, and baked apple. The culmination of these flavors results in a lush and intricate taste characteristic of a traditional spiced Rum. Adding to its unique profile, a distinctive distillate derived from chili seed shells imparts a satisfying warmth to this remarkable spirit.

RumISH is not intended to be enjoyed neat, rather it’s crafted to enrich your alcohol-free Rum-based cocktails. Blend it creatively with other spirits to reduce alcohol content while maintaining the authentic Rum essence in your favorite mixed drinks

Ingredients: Water, Glycerol, Natural rum flavouring with other natural flavourings (Contains vanilla, capsicum and nutmeg extract), Apple extract. Acid: Citric acid. Preservative: Potassium sorbate

ABV: <0.5%


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