Mingle Mocktails Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini

Notes: Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini – a lively fusion of ripe blackberry essence and subtle hibiscus notes that culminate in a delightfully effervescent finish. Crafted with pristine ingredients, naturally sweetened using pure cane sugar and fruit juices, and boasting low-calorie content, this canned cocktail is your guilt-free, alcohol-free pleasure.

Experience the bubbly sophistication of a crafted cocktail without the alcohol. Sip on the vibrant and fruity Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini anytime!

ABV: 0.0

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Natural Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Fruit Juice Extracts, Citric Acid, and Malic Acid

Origin: USA

Post Consumption: Recycle the can when finished


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