Mingle Mocktails Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini

Notes: This Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini is a bubbly blend of ripe blackberry juice and delicate hibiscus for a fruity effervescent finish. Made with clean ingredients, naturally sweetened with pure cane sugar & fruit juices and low in calories. Enjoy a NA  crafted cocktail in a can!

Want to make your Bellini pop? Try this recipe! –

Bellini Mocktail:

  • 4 oz Mingle Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini
  • Seasonal fresh berries or pomegranate seeds

Put fresh berries or pomegranate seeds in champagne flute or double old fashioned glass with ice, add chilled Mingle, and garnish with skewer of fresh berries.

ABV: 0.0

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Natural Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Fruit Juice Extracts, Citric Acid, and Malic Acid

Origin: USA

Post Consumption: Recycle the can when finished


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