Mocktail Club Havana Twist Mocktail

Notes: A tantalizing fusion of Lime, Cucumber & Mint Shrub complemented by a hint of Cardamom. This refreshing medley seamlessly weaves together the invigorating essence of cucumber, vibrant mint, and zesty lime, enhanced by subtle accents of cardamom and cloves. The addition of cardamom and cloves infuses a touch of complexity, elevating this concoction to new heights.

Savor the Havana Twist as is, over ice, with a dash of soda, or as a versatile cocktail base, offering a refreshing escape from the ordinary. Delight in its harmonious blend of flavors, offering a non-alcoholic beverage that’s both soothing and stimulating, perfect for any occasion!

Ingredients: Key ingredients include organic lime juice, organic cardamom and clove natural flavors, caffeine-free tea with and cucumber and mint natural flavors.

Origin: USA

ABV: 0.0%

Post consumption: Recycle can when finished.


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