Mocktail Club Manhattan Berry Mocktail

Notes: Manhattan Berry, a refined concoction meticulously crafted with blackberry, pear shrub, and ginger. This sophisticated fusion tantalizes your taste buds with the lush sweetness of blackberries harmoniously balanced by the tanginess of pear shrub, crafted from apple cider vinegar. A delightful kick of ginger completes this palate-pleasing experience.

Enjoy Manhattan Berry straight up, on the rocks, with a dash of soda, or as a versatile cocktail base for your creative mixes. This blend offers a perfect harmony of flavors, offering a non-alcoholic indulgence that’s ideal for any occasion. Elevate your beverage game with this delightful blend of fruity sweetness and spicy zest.

Ingredients: Key ingredients include organic blackberry juice, pear shrub using apple cider vinegar, caffeine-free tea with ginger and natural flavors.

Origin: USA

ABV: 0%

Post consumption: Recycle can when finished.


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